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The North Florida Chapter League of the South is the largest, most organized, and foremost advocate for the Southron people in a day and age that is growing increasingly hostile to our very existence. Our culture is being sacked by an unholy crusade of leftist agitators and foreign religions and our very physical survival depends on us organizing and effectively defending ourselves from this enemy who seeks to eliminate us from the planet earth. If we fail to do this then not only will there be no more Southern flags and monuments, but soon there will be no more Southern people. We will all have been erased and our birthrights and those we intend to hand down to our children will have been given to foreigners and strangers who have no love for our way of life. We are being purposefully replaced by people who hate the Bible, they hate our ancestors, they hate our families, and they hate us with such a passion they would stop at nothing to see our culture and bloodline eradicated forever. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we rally what is left of our people, our resources, and every last vestige of Western Civilization in Dixie; to stand together and secure a future in which OUR culture can survive, dominate and thrive.

Deo Vindice (With God as Our Protector)!



Becoming an Auxiliary

The North Florida Chapter League Auxiliary is a network for League supporters and similar enthusiasts to stay informed of our struggle and to have limited participation in rallies, public projects, social events and the like. Any interested North Florida Southrons may apply for this honor free of charge. If you are one of the thousands that want to see our great State’s sovereignty restored, Dixieland’s prestige held intact and believe the Florida League is the most viable option then take the first step and join the North Florida Chapter League Auxiliary today!

Simply click the “Contact Us Now” link and notate in the comments that you wish to join the North Florida Chapter League Auxiliary. Be sure to leave adequate contact information.


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